House Hunting: Part I

I had no freaking idea just how difficult this task is. And I’m saying this after seeing houses on just 3 different days. We did cover many houses in one outing, but still. There are a billion things to consider, and frankly I don’t think I’m smart enough to do this. Luckily, I think he is way better. It is his idea too, buying an house. He has all these grown up people ideas that totally surprise me. I mean yeah we’ll buy a house, someday, but does have to be now!!

All this is happening too soon for me. He says its difficult and people spend months & sometimes years “hunting” till they find the right house. Everything has to be given a considerable amount of thought.

The location has to be near office, has to be a good area, safe area, check what people live nearby, accessibility from nearby hotspots, etc. Deciding on a budget in itself is a big task. His and my salary combined, how much can we shell out as installment on a monthly basis? Combining our savings (which is zero in my case) how much down payment can we make? And I would also like to have a life and not spend my young years worrying about house loans, thank you very much.

Turns out everything you like will have some or the other problem:

shit expensive
too far from the office
locality is bad, although the house is beautiful
everything about the house is good, except it’s too small/too big for us
owner wants to sell too soon, you can’t pay for it now
owner wants to sell too late, you can’t wait for 2-3 years to get it
your bank doesn’t provide loan for this property (who knows why)

These are problems we discovered after spending three Sundays in the sun. We are still doing this on a personal level, trying to build an understanding of the whole process. We follow up on newspaper adds or online listings, no agents and all so far.

We are still not sure about the specifications, like how many bedrooms for example. But he really wants a small garden space as he loves gardening. Don’t know how that’ll happen though, since there’s absolutely no house in our budget in the city which has space for more than 5 flower pots, let alone a garden of any size. He also wants an individual house, he wants to own a piece of land with the freedom to make a house on it however he likes. I think it will be a big headache to construct a house, and I have always lived in apartments so I like the idea of ready to move in flats with all the facilities and the security. I always pictured myself staying in the top floor of a high rise building. But of course, everybody shoots down my top floor idea.

Then again, I’m likely to get bored with this idea and develop a fascination with something else, like a house on a hilltop or near a beach or something. I’m fickle minded and hence I don’t think I’m ready to buy something. I should be renting. You see, how ill-equipped I am to do this sort of thing!

If we have to live in the city we can’t get everything. So right now I’m fine as long as we have a nice little sitting space where I can enjoy a cup of coffee while it’s raining. So well, I don’t create much fuss. I follow his lead when it comes to this. I just imagine living in the house we are looking at, and try to see if that looks like something that can happen. I let him worry about the expense, the locality, the safety and what not.

But he doesn’t let me out so easily too, he patiently takes a pen and a paper and explains stuff to me. Asks me to call up my dad and explain stuff to him too and ask for reviews. So yes, I am learning a thing or two now. Ah well, miles to go before we find it.



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