About this (experimental) blog

Hi there!

I decided to start this anonymous blog to document this huge thing that’s happening in my life right now. I’m getting married! I have so much to tell, to share, but since the news has not been made public yet, I have limited audience (my parents, his parents, my little sis & 2 close friends). But it’s not just that, writing has always helped me in figuring stuff out. And I have an awful lot of questions these days.. like Is it too early for me? (I’m 23, but I’ll be 24 months before the day) or How do I know for sure he’s the one? (We were dating for 6 months when he asked) or Why do we fight when we do and will that be a problem in future?

Future.. Oh my. I have never thought about future so much and now that always seems to be in the back of my mind somewhere. Our laid back weekends, have turned into tedious shopping rather, searching endeavours, where we look for wedding rings and houses and what not!

Yes, I mentioned looking for a house! But more on that later. So yes, welcome to my blog.

I’ll be posting about why wedding is such a big deal for me, because this will be the day I overcome my fear of wearing a red lehenga and dressing up like a troll. I’ll be posting about the months before wedding, where I will tell you how badly it hurts to see money being spent on jewellery, which I despise and will never wear instead of a brand new laptop, which I need by the way.

I will write about my little attempts at reducing the amount of money being spent and my reasons for giving in, when I did. I will talk about how a girl who has just 5 kurti s in her wardrobe in the ‘ethnic’ category, shops for salwar suits, sarees and a lehenga. And I also plan to keep a checklist of things, the dos and the don’t s and the general advise section (I’ll mostly be asking for advise or posting the advise I got from someone wiser).

Tune in, to know more about me and the people around me. Also, do share your honest comments and opinions, I do take these things quite seriously you know!

Or shoot a mail at TheNonconformistBride@gmail.com … I’ll be waiting!


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