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Learning to cook

Among the two of us, he’s the better cook. Mostly because he chooses to do that while I’m more of a takeouts/eat outside person. I love home cooked food though, it’s just that our cooking is pathetic and I love eating. I just don’t feel full after a crappy meal. Anyway, his point, which is a valid one, is that we won’t learn unless we try. So we started practicing the basic stuff in his kitchen sometimes. I’d mostly be the one who chops vegies, cleans dishes or does the other sidekick stuff. He’d do the actual cooking.We made a lot of disastrous stuff before we finally got the hang of making something edible. But even then, everything we made tasted exactly the same! All the curries (and we only did make curries) had identical flavor. Only recently, we could make things differently. The key is to cook for more time, let the flavors interact and dissolve. And not add corns and peas in everything! šŸ˜›

So last Saturday, after he made me breakfast, he had to go away for the afternoon. I stayed back at his place instead of going back to mine, and decided to try some independent cooking as a surprise. šŸ˜‰ Continue reading Learning to cook