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When love found me

So yes like all Indian parents, my parent’s ultimate wish is to see me happily married. But I din’t quite know how I’d make it come true, since I was a cynic when it came to romantic love. I had made my peace with the fact that I will never understand it or find it. And this was it for me. I instead concentrated on living my life in the best way possible. Yet every time my parents would start a conversation on this topic, I would end it by saying I’ll do it. I’ll get married. As long as you are fair with me and I have my say in the whole matter, I will listen to you guys. But even when I said those things, and tried my best to believe in it too, I knew it couldn’t be that simple. Arranged marriage. It’s always puzzling to people. Even the ones who go through with it don’t exactly know what clicked or how they decided this is it. Deep down, I know it won’t be an easy task for someone like me to just meet someone thrice and say yes to spending the rest of our lives together with full (or even slight) confidence.

This was my situation: Fully mistrusting towards anything remotely love like and not comfortable with the idea of an arranged marriage. Continue reading When love found me