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It’s good that we argue a lot

I’m a passionate person and I love debating. I’m not someone who shuts up easily, I have to get my point across. I’m not like this all the time, only with the people I care about and/or for the conversations that matter to me. I can’t just let it go and can’t settle down unless I have tried my best to explain my point of view. Because I absolutely can’t take being misunderstood, especially when I can help it. I do try to listen too, to understand the other point of view.

He on the other hand shuts up as soon as he senses difference in our opinions or some criticism on my part. If he dislikes something that I said, or did, or the way I reacted in some situation, he’ll just go to his shell and cut me out. I need a great will and patience just to get him to talk again and discuss the matter with me. Conflict is natural, but unless we make ourselves clear how will the other person know what’s causing this? Continue reading It’s good that we argue a lot